When I’m at Simon’s Rock, I completely forget how big the world outside of SR is. It’s a small little bubble and I can never remind myself that any little crush I have or any problem I have with a person isn’t as big as I think it is.


Bad 3 am analogies

Simon’s Rock is 400 people tripping hard on emotions.

Sometimes it was a good trip, and sometimes it went so bad.

When I was there, I felt my self skidding into overdose, but when I left, the withdrawal ripped me apart from the inside out.

I don’t do drugs, because nothing else could ever get me as high.


You don’t have to be that superior. Your dick is actually kind of small.


leaving the rock was the best thing I ever did. since i left I’ve become an exponentially better person and have had more clarity and love in my life than i ever did at src.


I am in big, fat, blindingly homosexual love with my roommate.


THE RIGHTFUL HEIR SHALL RETURN TO THE THRONE. we’re coming for you, laipson. #bernie2015


Same as it ever was…..

King crimson in my headphones. Lamenting the lost love of my first SR girlfriend. Where did she go…? Dolliver…Crosby…Kendrick…My dorm sucks. Fairly anonymous sex - I mean, I can’t recall her name, or her roommate’s name. Self doubt. Ego. Shame. I want out of here. I have nowhere to go. I never want to leave. Why do they hate me? I love it here.

Kicked out. Am I worthless…?

I left —- in 1980…….


I wish I had cheated on my boyfriend with you before you transferred. I love you far more than I ever loved him. And I know that fucking you would have been so much better.


i sometimes read the urban outfitters blog


muggles just don’t do it right

Hooked up with a non-rocker for the first time - would not recommend.